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Mission Critical Roles? Hire next-generation STEM talent

Hiring diverse tale

A woman covered by projections of code

Hiring diverse STEM talent can help your company to innovate and achieve growth.

Highly skilled tech roles can be tough to fill, with top talent highly sought after. When looking to fill positions quickly, many companies turn to personal networks of hiring managers or employees; however, that often results in homogeneity, harming innovation and growth.

Hiring diverse STEM talent

The benefits of diversity As well as offering equitable opportunities to all, diversity in tech is key for representing communities – customers, audiences, or end-users. For example, regarding AI, several algorithms have been found to perpetuate discrimination and bias – stemming from their programming and data sources. A more diverse workforce helps to ensure that programs, platforms, and products are built with inclusivity in mind. Attracting diverse talent To attract candidates from under-represented communities, you need to look past your usual talent pools. It's worth considering different job advertisements platforms to widen your hiring reach. Source networks for under-represented groups or consider hiring from without your typical talent pool - people with relatable experience that could crossover, enhance or translate to the positions you're hiring for. Ensure you take time to review your adverts. Remove potentially biased or exclusionary requirements and ensure wording is inclusive. Don't forget about inclusivity You've reviewed your ads, and placed them on the right boards and networks. But do candidates from under-represented groups want to work with you?

Reflect on how inclusive your workplace is and what you offer potential candidates, from support and benefits to company culture. According to Gartner, employees must see a company demonstrate its values – 74% think organizations should engage publicly with social issues. Interested in supporting diversity in tech? Diversify the Future provides scholarships for individuals from under-represented or disadvantaged backgrounds to access STEM college and university programs.


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