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How the scholarship program works

We align with companies that share our mission to shape and improve the world by providing equal access to education across STEM subjects.


By investing in the next generation - we aim to make a real difference in the lives of under-represented individuals with the support of our partners who are driving forward inclusivity across their industries.


The foundation serves under-represented communities to support career pathways in STEM subjects, working closely with its partners engaged in building workforce diversity and an equitable society - powered by STEM scholarships.

Support for scholars

Through the Diversify the Future Foundation, we provide additional support to scholars within the Chicagoland area and the opportunity to accelerate their career paths by providing access to funding to embark upon a college degree in a STEM-related field.


We want to expand Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics ( STEM) education into more communities, uplifting under-represented areas of society - empowering the potential of the next generation of STEM talent.

Shaping the Future of STEM

Image by Clay Banks
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