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Support for Scholars

The Foundation's mission is to remove the barriers by providing education opportunities in STEM, allowing individuals from under-represented communities, and empowering young people and communities with the skills and confidence to rise, advance, and excel by bringing people, partnerships, and societal change together.

We're steadfast in our commitment to inspire, educate and empower individuals passionate about pursuing a STEM career.


We connect people from under-represented backgrounds to access education opportunities - by delivering scholarship funding to those in need.

Eligibility requirements:

  • A member of an under-represented group (including but not limited to underrepresented racial or ethnic populations, women, low income, individuals with disabilities, etc).

  • Enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program for science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM).

  • Applicants must reside in the Greater Chicagoland area


If you’re an education provider, or an individual meeting the above criteria please complete the following submission form, and a member of the Diversify the Future Foundation team will be in touch with you soon to assess your requirements.

Scholar Contact Form

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