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Meet the Team

Our dedicated team of community managers collaborate and work closely within the STEM industries to support under-represented talent access scholarships - shaping the future of STEM.

Our Team

Ellen 3_edited.jpg
Chris Atiyah

Board Member - President

Ellen 3_edited.jpg
Tess Katula

Community Fundraiser

Ellen 3_edited.jpg
Rebecca Hamlin

Board Member - Secretary

Ellen 3_edited.jpg
Laura Brown

Head of Communications

Ellen 3_edited.jpg
Bridget Lundy

Board Member - Treasurer

Ellen 3_edited.jpg
Ellen Orange

Communications Lead

For more information about the Diversify the Future Foundation and to connect to a member of the team, please email:

I love the passion and sense of mission that Diversify the Future Foundation embodies. At Diversify, we’re all about real outcomes to help as many beneficiaries as possible – enabling  underrepresented talent to thrive within a rewarding career in STEM!

Chris Atiyah
Community Founder & Director

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