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The Diversify the Future Foundation and its partners work closely with education providers and prospective students to equip them with the skills and qualifications required to access the STEM labor market.

The long-term need for diverse talent across the STEM industries is essential for sustainable growth; by collaborating with the STEM industries, the Foundation is delivering real impact, societal development and supporting the growth of the STEM sectors.

How it works:

Diversify the Future Foundation is in partnership with Engtal, a leader in STEM staffing solutions; they work with their clients to deliver diverse talent. For every under-represented candidare Engtal place, $1000 will be allocated to Diversify the Future's scholarship program.


The foundation is working with education providers in the Chicagoland area to deliver scholarship funding to under-represented individuals who meet the criteria for financial support.


We're committed to building and sustaining collaborative partnerships that spur collective, positive action, investing in relationships with partners passionate about the next generation of STEM talent. Our aim is to deliver a platform for young people and under-represented communities, so they can thrive in a STEM related career path.


For more information about how you can get involved with the project, please email or use the submission form below:

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