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The key to STEM success? Collaboration

A woman points to a diagram on a whiteboard

Collaboration is essential to the success of the STEM industries - especially when harnessing a diverse talent pool who may barriers to education within STEM.

Innovative and practical strategies to increase participation in STEM interest from an early age are critical to encouraging a diverse talent pool, specifically from communities that may not be as engaged in - or aware of the opportunities available within the STEM industries. Inspiring the next generation of diverse STEM talent to consider a career in STEM, starts in education. Education providers and employers must band together to create outreach projects, programs, and journey pathways that guide individuals from a young age – not only influencing a passion for STEM but showcasing that a career in the industry is a viable progression route.

The importance of STEM education

Solving the skills crisis within STEM begins with education, by connecting both education providers and employers, increased efforts can be made to create and deliver pathways for underrepresented and diverse talent to engage in opportunities within the STEM space actively. The STEM industry and education providers must work together to move away from the perceived homogeneity of the past and encourage diversity and inclusion to create balanced and represented workforces that are a place of inclusion and equity. However, the focus needs to be on the existing talent pipeline that can act as mentors for the next generation of talent, building a pipeline of skills the industry requires, and shaping the future of STEM. If you’re an education provider within the Chicagoland area, or an employer keen to find out more about how you can contribute to the Diversify the Future Foundation mission, please reach out to our team!


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