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The time is now: Supporting Diversity in Tech

Two women of different ethnicities working at laptop

Diversity has long been an issue in the technology sector, but with high demand for roles we need to support and attract diverse talent.

Diversity has long been an issue in the technology sector. While many companies are implementing programs and schemes to address the issue, not enough has been done to address the problem.

Diversity in Tech

  • Women hold only 25% of computing jobs

  • In 2019, Black Americans accounted for 14% of the national population but occupied just 7% of tech jobs

  • 68% of business leaders report a lack of diversity in their tech workforce.

  • 83.3% of tech executives are white, and 80% are male

While major corporations have introduced schemes, programs, and hiring targets to increase diversity in their organizations, there has been a slow change in the industry. With the demand for tech roles ever growing and not enough graduates to supply this demand, companies are failing to find a pipeline of diverse talent. Access to education Addressing the issue of diversity needs to start with the talent pipeline. Women are still significantly under-represented on Computer Science and Engineering degrees, where they make up only 20% of degree recipients. Equally, Black and Hispanic students are also underrepresented in STEM fields. Diversity also goes beyond gender and ethnicity, with under-represented groups from low-income backgrounds or individuals with disabilities also facing barriers to STEM education. Where companies invest in education, it focuses on K-12 programs, with less than 3% of funding spent on college-level programs. With the tech industry’s strong focus on academic qualifications, promoting diversity relies on removing barriers to education; helping underrepresented groups to access STEM courses. Are you interested in supporting diversity in tech? Diversify the Future provides scholarships for individuals from under-represented or disadvantaged backgrounds to access STEM college and university programs. Contact us to find out more.


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